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International Language Academy of Canada ILAC


International Language Academy of Canada

Characteristics of school

International Language Academy of Canada is a language school that has branch offices all around the world. The courses take place in the most beautiful cities of Canada – Toronto and Vancouver. The school offers many kinds of courses, including training for college, all this at all 18 levels. ILAC has received many awards e.g. Top Language School of the Year 2007, 2008, 2009 and it is also the winner of LTM Star English Language School North America 2007, 2008, 2009.  

The school offers courses in two cities – Toronto (Ontario) and Vancouver (British Columbia). Both campuses are well equipped, there is internet connection and they're situated in the city downtown. The number of students in one class is usually about 10-12, coming from more than 60 countries. The teachers of ILAC are well experienced, they all have TESOL certificate and they also took practice in teaching ESL courses.


ILAC is not only about quality courses, it's philosophy is: “For us, you're not just students. We take care of you during your whole stay in Canada!“ The school chooses all host families carefully and also offers many different kinds of activities for your spare time.  

You can choose from a large course offer – not only by what they focus on. You can also choose the course intensity – number of classes you want to take is all up to you. ILAC also has a special program that takes 38 English classes per week – it is called Power English Program. The students that take Power English program are able to improve their language skills up to 30% faster than other students in different programs. Here you can find an online test that can help you find out what level are you at.    

The Information Planet employees passed the ILAC Agent Training Course at Berlin's international ICEF trade fair in 2011. You can find the certificates here.


School locationschool

The school building is located in downtown Toronto, near Yorkville – one of the well known touristic areas. There is also public transportation that can be used to reach the school and it is available 24 hours a day. Toronto itself is a city full of travelling opportunities – it is close to Niagara Falls and many other beautiful places that are definitely worth seeing.


Kontaktní údaje

ILAC Toronto Campus

Address: 920 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M4W 3C7, Canada

Tel.: (00) 1 416 961 5151, Fax. (00) 1 416 961 9267 nebo (00) 1416 961 5988

Web: www.ilac.com

Mail: info@ilac.com

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English courses

Course name Course length Price (CAD) per one week* ON REQUEST
    30 lessons per week 38 lessons per week
General English 1-10 weeks

11-21 weeks

22-32 weeks

33-43 weeks

43 weeks +

on request on request
Cambridge FCE course Training
Cambridge course CAE Training
TOEFL Program
Business English
Training course for Canadian college
TESOL Program 4 weeks

12 weeks

on request on request
Pre-MBA 16 weeks on request on request
Pre-Masters 16 weeks on request on request
Internship Program 4-24 weeks on request on request

*also see Special offer


Special offer – Combination of courses for a special price

Course type Course length Price (CAD) per one week*
General English­ + Cambridge exam training 12-21 weeks on request
General English + TOEFL 22-32 weeks on request
General English ­+ Business English 33-43 weeks on request
General English 43 + weeks on request


Other charges:

  • Enrolment fee: on request
  • Airport transfer: on request
  • Homestay accommodation: on request


Course start dates

  • Every first Monday in month


General information about school

School characteristics
Number of all students at ILAC Toronto 730
Maximum/average number of students in one class 14/10-12
Number of lessons per week 20, 30 or 38
Current number of English levels 18
Class length 45 min.


Nationality mix at ILAC?graf

Almost  1/3, 1/3, 1/3.


Why choose ILAC?

  • Professional teachers – every teacher has TESOL certificate.
  • Ideal ethnic composition of students – students from 60 countries; the number of students from Asia, Europe and Middle East is almost equal.
  • The average number of students in one class is around 10-12
  • Training courses for study at Canadian schools
  • Cambridge exam training
  • Elective Class (choosing the course specialization)
  • Variety of course lengths
  • The counselors who speak 14 languages take care of you during your stay
  • The school is a winner of many awards
  • The school is well equipped – interactive courses, projection, computer classrooms
  • Plenty of activities for your spare time – indoor and outdoor sports, trips (for a weekend or a week)
  • The host families are checked each month so the high standard is a matter of course


Video of school

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