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Characteristics of school

Pacific Language Institute is a Canadian branch of a prestigious school called Kaplan International Colleges, that started their activity in 1963. They own 40 schools all around the world and their students come from more than 90 world countries. Kaplan offers their students wide selection of international programs. All the teachers are educated and well experienced. PLI was established in 1988 and during it's 20 years of activity it became one of the most prestigious Canadian language schools. The school provides you a good offer of intensive courses for adults. Besides standard language courses, you can focus on your communication skills during interactive lessons. In special classes you can also focus on pronunciation, vocabulary extension etc.


Location of schoolschool

PLI Vancouver has two main buildings that are located in downtown Vancouver. The school is one block away from a Skytrain station, one block from the galleries, shopping mall, nice restaurants and a 15 minute walk from the beach and Stanley Park, where you can relax, have a lunch or play sports.


Contact details

PLI Campus Vancouver:

Address: 755 Burrard Street, Vanouver, BC V6Z 1X6, Canada

Tel.: (00) 1-604-688-8330, Fax: (00) 1-604-688-0638

E-mail: info@pli.ca

Web: www.pli.ca, www.kaplanaspect.com

map street


List of courses

Course type Course length (weeks) Price per week (CAD)
Standard English (20 lessons/week) 2 - 23


on request
Intensive English (30 lessons/week) 2 - 23


on request
Super Intensive English (40 lessons/week) 2 - 23


on request
TOEFL a Academic English (20 lessons/week + 12 lessons structured preparation) 2 - 16 on request
FCE, CAE, CPE Cambridge exam training 10 and 12 on request
Diploma in Business Communication 8 on request

Enrollment Fee: $110CAD, FCE, CAE a CPE exam Fee: $250

Special programs

Course type Course length Price for the whole program (CAD)
OPUS - Co-op work and study

Study + paid internship (part-time job)

6 and 9 months $6300 and $8300

Academic semester/Academic year

21 and 36 weeks $5600 and $8350
University Foundation Certificate

Preparation for study at university in Canada (30 lessons/week)

16 weeks $5200


Course start dates in 2011

  • Intensive English, Super Intensive English, TOEFL and Academic preparation, Diploma in Business Communication: every 2 weeks, 1st course starts on January, 3
  • Cambridge courses (FCE, CAE, CPE): January 4, March 20, April 3, September 11, September 25


Nationality mix at PLI Vancouver?


General information about school

Characteristics of school
Number of students 600
Maximum/average number of students in class 15/12
Current number of English levels 6
Length of lessons 45 min.
Materials for download: promotional brochure about Vancouver, promotional brochures about programs mentioned, PLI brochure


Why choose PLI Vancouver?

  • The school is well equipped
  • Great quality of courses
  • Time-tested study plan and preparation for Cambridge exam
  • Small number of students in one class, good nationality mix
  • Free help with your work and study
  • Well-experienced and educated teachers
  • Trips to Whistler, Seattle, Victoria or Vancouver Island


Information Planet recommendation

Pacific Language Institute is one of the leaders in teaching English. The courses are high quality, yet for great prices. Other big advantage is that there is a perfect nationality mix of students. We cooperate with PLI since 1998 and we highly recommend this school to anyone who is interested in studying abroad.


Video of school

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