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Information Planet and its clients want to experience different cultures and lifestyles and are searching to find something to fulfil their personal dreams. Information Planet aims to make this a reality by being in the forefront of educational courses and pathways, to be innovative and aware of the ongoing requirements of our clients.

Information Planet began in 1996 in Sydney, Australia, as 'Information Brazil', when Mauricio Pucci started a small and innovative business 'helping' Brazilian friends to study, work and travel around Australia (just as he had done). With his brother, Alexandre Pucci, joining from Sao Paulo, Brazil, the company was the first agency in the market that specialized in this service and quickly became a reference for Brazilian students looking to travel and study down under. With their knowledge of the education industry and the needs of their clients, they opened their first office in Manly - Australia.

Same time in 1996 - Josef Kysilka started a similar agency in Czech Republic and also in Sydney city centre, helping European clients to study in Australia. These agencies provided a wide range of services for clients before departure and in Australia such as study and visa extension, airport pick up and share accommodation and job assistance.

In 2004, a new partnership helped the company to consolidate its business in Australia and overseas. Josef Kysilka brought experience in educational marketing along with his own agency called 'Australian Centre for Education', focused on recruiting students from central and Eastern Europe. Together with Mauricio, they established ‘Australian Education Centre (AEC)’ in a new office in the heart of Sydney CBD, which would later become the head office of Information Planet.

IP Business Partners Mauricio Pucci and Josef Kysilka

With a high demand from overseas and local clients requiring assistance, counseling, and advice, the company reached out to new markets in Europe and Latin America and started offering a wider range of products, such as job assistance, seminars, student discount programs, travel packages, and others. After 12 years of building a strong reputation in Latin America, Europe, and Australia, and having helped more than 12 thousand students, it was time to give the company a new name and look. The main goal was to unify all offices and partners under the same brand and strengthen the company's direction and vision.

In July 2008, AEC was 're-launched' and changed its name to Information Planet. The rebranding process started in the head office in Sydney, gave the company a new logo, website, office decoration and staff training. In less than 2 years, all offices and partners had been 'made over' in the style of the new look.

The new corporate image together with strong marketing strategies led Information Planet to an expansion of products and franchises. By the end of 2012 the company, which now incorporated an independent travel agency (Information Planet Travel), had more than 30 offices around the globe and was already selling many other destinations to students, such as New Zealand, Canada, USA, England, Malta and Denmark.

With the amalgamation of all these companies to one name, Information Planet, it has strengthened our direction and vision for our clients. We have unified our approach to providing complete services, counseling, courses and pathways to higher education. With our expanding suite of institutions in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and some countries in Europe, we are catering for many of our client’s requirements. Our next journey will be establishing our office in the United Kingdom and other parts of Latin America!

We are grateful to be celebrating in 2016 our 20TH Birthday Anniversary.

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